Building Chemicals & Material Applications

Concrete Products


  PURICEL is 100% pure cellulose organic and biodegradable, neutral pH, low ash cellulose additive for formulated from a blends of Portland cement and other hydraulic cements that provide a smooth, permanent finish for a variety of substrates prior to the installation of today’s demanding floor coverings, including sheet vinyl and VCT (vinyl composition tile).  Cellulose contributes to efficient moisture control and drying, improved bond strength, is chemically inert and non-hazardous to handle.  PURICEL is available in a broad range of particle sizes, cellulose content, and densities.  

Welding Electrodes


PURICEL is used in the coating of welding electrodes, improving the welding properties of the electrodes depending upon the type and structure of coating.  PURICEL burns cleanly during welding  A cellulosic electrode covering consists of naturally occurring organic compounds, minerals and metallic oxides where high purity PURICEL is the primary constituent, normally 30-40% of coating. 

 PURICEL has no hazardous components such as arsenic or cristobalite, has neutral pH & is virtually ash free and has low water soluble component.   

Dry Wall Products


PURICEL is used as additives, filler and coating in drywall building chemicals to optimize product properties. PURICEL is inert in most chemicals and solvents,      temperature stable and available in a broad range of particle sizes.   PURICEL is an excellent hydration aid and can reduce chemical usage by 20% and reduce dosage rates by 30%. PURICEL is high purity bright white color, has low density and excellent volumetric efficiency.



PURICEL functions as an excellent absorption material, is lightweight and provides bulking qualities and dimensional stability to coatings and adhesives. It increases open time, improves vertical hold and promotes a consistent coating.  Puricel is formulated into spray coatings for steel and pipe structures, adhesives, sealing compounds, textured paints. PURICEL has excellent absorption and bulking qualities... is a lightweight filler, increased viscosity properties, blends with flame retardant powders, reduces raw material cost and is safe and easy to use.   



 The adhesion properties of PURICEL fibers optimize the adhesive bonding to the wall and offer a reduced slipping trend of the applied tile.

• PURICEL creates a reinforcing 3D fiber network in the final mix improving performance of the substance. 

 PURICEL has excellent absorption and bulking qualities... is a lightweight filler, increased viscosity properties.,

Mortars and Mastic


PURICEL extends the processing time of mortars and tile adhesives and improves adhesion. 

• PURICEL has high physical water absorption and retention.

   • PURICEL increased the structural viscosity by formation of a fiber network.