Filtration Applications

Brine & Chemical Filtration


PURICEL is a high purity filter aid used as a superior filtering material for the chemical production industry.  PURICEL is stable in a wide pH range.  PURICEL is non-reactive and able to withstand high temperatures, meaning it will not react with other constituents involved in the process liquid.   PURICEL can be used as a pre-coat or body feed material and can be used in conjunction with other filter materials such as DE and perlite.  PURICEL is also environmentally safe and simplifies disposal methods and reduces land fill costs.  

Aluminum Rolling Mill Filtration


PURICEL-CA non-hazardous filtration aids offer extended mechanical and chemical filter cycles, coolant life, reduce waste, disposal cost and usage of filter media. Plants using PURICEL-CA have seen significant saving and increased production.  PURICEL-CA can increased filter cycle time 5x over DE, Fuller´s Earth  or Perlite, while removing metallic fines, oxides and soaps from oil or paraffin based coolants. 

Food & Beverage Filtration


PURICEL pure cellulose filter aid is FDA approved for food and beverage contact.  PURICEL wets out quickly which effectively coats filter grids and elements for the most effective and efficient filtration characteristics, uniform cake formation and easy removal.  PURICEL is an effective depth filtration media which improves dirt holding capacity of the cake, resulting in upwards of 5x longer filter cycles. PURICEL is certified as a Kosher and Halal  food grade material. 

Metal Working Filtration


PURICEL powdered cellulose filter media promotes depth cake filtration, which is the most efficient and economical method of removing the finest particulates from various metalworking fluids. PURICEL is compatible with many pressure filter styles such as candles, discs or plate constructions. 

PURICEL is ideal for use in vacuum filtration on filter drums, screens and removable vacuum elements such as star shaped filter systems. PURICEL  improves filter clarity and performance for rolled media vacuums and pressure filters.

Oil & Gas Drilling Filtration


PURICEL provides operators with a high purity, biodegradable low cost filtration aid for onsite conditioning of fluids by reducing oil and grease levels in drill cuttings in the drilling fluids. PURICEL is 100% pure, safe to handle, organic and biodegradable with no hazardous components such as arsenic or cristobalite. PURICEL has a neutral pH in the 5.5-7.5, low solubility in water or oil, and less than 0.05% ash, making it an ideal filter media for any field application. PURICEL can reduce overall costs by 30% compared with other traditional filter aids. 

Pool Filtration


PURICEL is a direct replacement for PURIFIBER and other cellulose filter media products.  We have developed cellulose media to work in all types of swimming pools and spa filters: vacuum and pressure grid, (Diatomaceous Earth type,) cartridge and sand, in both commercial and residential services, for aquaculture filtration, aquariums, and water parks. Through extensive laboratory development and years of field testing, this product is the most effective pool filtration products on the market today.