Industrial Specialty Applications

Chemicals & Detergents


PURICEL cellulose fibers are available in a broad particle range and are formulated into household detergent products.  PURICEL as a 100% natural and bio-degradable fiber which functions as a process aid in granulate formation as well as an efficient carrier and delivery system for process chemicals

Plastics & Compounds


PURICEL fibers enhance the dimensional stability of the rubber and plastic by forming a three-dimensional matrix inside the product. This also provides strength and structure throughout the processing phase of the materials.

Seed Coating & Chemical Carriers


PURICEL is highly functional for the coating of flower, and vegetable seeds. During the process, the seeds are treated with a PURICEL which carries fungicides and pesticides to the seed surface creating: 

• Improved coating behavior due to the elastic and    moisture-balancing fibers

 • Higher water and oxygen transport allowing an even germination



PURICEL is a 100% organic cellulose loose oil absorbent which soaks up oils, fuels, and solvents, effective in both indoors and outside applications and incinerates to less than 0.05%. PURICEL will contain and control hydrocarbons (oil-based liquids), and absorbs 2-3x more oil than polypropylene. The hydrocarbons are absorbed into the PURICEL fibers preventing leaching in and draining commonly associated with polypropylene sorbents.  

Rubber Additives


PURICEL filled rubbers can alter elastic behavior and strength/stiffness.  Milled PURICEL fibers can reinforce both uncured (green) and cured rubber very effectively.  In "green" rubber, properties such as yield strength, modulus and Mooney viscosity are all improved by adding PURICEL fibers.

Drilling Fluids


PURICEL blends are commonly used as a high purity organic cost effective lost-circulation material. PURICEL blends can be added a bridge or plug component to offer operators an effective ways to respond to complete or partial lost circulation prompted by hydrostatic or annular pressure loss from natural or induced causes. PURICEL blends can also be added to low-density cements.