Cellulose Brine Filtration Media

PURICEL is a highly purified, biodegradable cellulose filter media, used in brine filtration in the chlorine-caustic process to achieve the required level of filtration necessary to remove suspended solids.  Primary brine typically contains < 10 ppm suspended solids (mostly CaCO3 and Mg(OH)2). The use of PURICEL cellulose filter media on the secondary brine filters, can reduce the concentration to < 1 ppm suspended solids with particle size < 0.5 micron. This level of filtration is required to protect the ion exchange system from suspended solids which would otherwise plug the column

PURICEL also has the ability to operate in elevated pH environments above 10, making it the filter media material of choice in the chlorine-caustic industry to filter the brine feed to electrolysis membrane separators.

PURICEL is characterized by its high aspect ratio, which allows efficient and effective pre-coat of the filter septum.

The addition of PURICEL body feed increases the permeability in the accumulating filter cake, restricts solids movement, provides channels for filtrate recovery and extends filter cycles. 

Typical equipment where cellulose is used as a filter aid are:

  •     Filter Press and Chamber Filters
  •     Horizontal and Vertical Leaf Filters
  •     Candle or Tubular Filters
  •     Rotary Vacuum Precoat Filters
  •     Belt Press Filters
  •     Lenticular or Cassette Depth Filters

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Cellulose Brine Filtration Facility