PuriCel 100% natural cellulose fibers for broad applications

Who We Are

Finite Fiber began engineering and processing tire textile remnants for use as fiber reinforcing materials in rubber and plastic compounds in 1921. From that, we have grown to an industry leader in the advancement of fiber technology. Today, our natural and synthetic reinforcement fibers include aramid, carbon, cotton, nylon, polyester and our revolutionary patented Varamix. Consistency of quality and service is achieved with our in-house compounding and application specialists working to the rigorous standards of ISO 9001: 2015 With Design certification. The expansion into the cellulose market was a "natural" continuation in our goal to provide a complete line of product-improvement additives from grown, recycled and repurposed elements.


After years of heavy consolidation in the cellulose industry, this introduction added a strategic supply option and technical knowledge to the marketplace.  PURICEL offers a wide range of uses including  cellulose grades for filtration, chemical processing and industrial additive applications,  as well as anti-caking in shredded and grated cheese, dietary fiber enrichment in baked goods, pastas, and pet foods.

Our move into cellulose was in direct response to customer requests for alternative sourcing due to market consolidation.   (Consolidation)  

We have assembled an impressive team of specialists. They are supported by proven professionals who are dedicated to providing the service you desire.  We have created the standard of excellence in all phases of the business, from application expertise, elevated customer relationships,  enhanced communication and the consistent delivery of the highest quality products on time. 

A Superior Partner for you, we are agile, flexible and highly customer-centric, and bring the  added value of having experts who can confirm formulations, application or filtration characteristics,  or make alternate recommendations. 

We can target your specific application and adjust the functionality accordingly.  We give you options!  Cellulose is a common element until we make it exactly what you need - PURICEL. 

Industrial & Specialty applications such as:

• Filtration

• Chemical Additive 

• Building Material Additive 

• Ingredient Delivery System 

• Absorption - Sorbent 

•  Reinforcing Materials 

• Lightweight Functional Filler....

PURICEL inherent properties include:

• Excellent Oil and Water Absorption

• Flavorless & Odorless

• High Purity Filter Media 

• High Purity - Low Ash

• Non Toxic & Biodegradable

• Non Abrasive

• Improves Texture and Pliability

• Natural and Sustainable

• Safe For Animals and Humans 

General PuriCel cellulose fiber appllication information.

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General PuriCel Cellulose Product Applications (pdf)

Industry leader in natural and synthetic engineered fibers for rubber and plastics
Advanced technology and implementation of natural and synthetic fibers for rubber and plastics
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Finite Fiber is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 With Design.