Metal Working Coolant Filtration

PuriCel is a direct replacement for *PURIFIBER® and *HydroFiber™. It is compatible in many pressure filter styles - candles, discs, star and plate. PuriCel is also ideal for use in filter drums, screens and removable vacuum elements such as Star Filter Systems. PuriCel aids in the recovery of precious metals with low ash content upon incineration. PuriCel is completely safe, non-abrasive food-grade filter media and will not cause damage to pumps, valves or equipment.

PuriCel is ideal for various CBN grinding oils in the following applications:

• Steel carbide, Inconel, cast iron and aluminum grinding using oil and water-soluble coolants. 

• Honing, super-abrasives, lapping, polishing and burnishing processes

• Ceramic and glass grinding and polishing.

• Component and parts washing.

• Waste water effluents.

PuriCel is a 100% purified cellulose, starch like fiber. It is produced from naturally occurring raw materials. Wetting out quickly and completely, it produces a slurry which effectively coats filter grids and elements. These attributes produce an extremely effective and efficient filtration characteristic available with uniform cake formation and easy removal.

A deep filtration media, PuriCel improves dirt holding capacity of the cake, resulting in as much as 5 times longer filter cycles. Further cost savings are realized due to the non-abrasive property which improves the operating life of dosing pumps, feed pumps, filter plants and cloths.

PuriCel is available in multiple fiber lengths, with low density, great volumetric efficiency and excellent temperature stability. It is a go-to filtration product that has become an ideal choice for many unique and functional applications found in countless everyday commercial products.

* PURIFIBER is a registered trademark of Solvaira Specialty LP

* Hydrofiber is a registered trademark of BARNES INTERNATIONAL, INC.