Aluminum Rolling Mill Coolant Filtration

PURICEL AC grade is an acid activated cellulose fiber filter aid used in the filtration of mineral or paraffin based aluminum rolling oils.

PURICEL AC filtration aids offer longer filter cycles, extended coolant life, reduction of waste, disposal cost, usage of filter media and increased production.  PURICEL AC eliminates the health hazards associated with the use of diatomaceous earth (DE). Effectively removing metallic fines, oxides and soaps from mineral oil or paraffin based metalworking coolants by both mechanical and chemical processes. 

When contaminated rolling oil flows through an PURICEL AC filter cake, chemical reactions take place whereby the acid acts on the aluminum fines, aluminum oxides and aluminum soaps in the coolant to produce Aluminum Citrate, an aluminum salt. These salts adhere to the cellulose fiber and thus are removed from the coolant. The benefit of the acid to salt conversion allows for the removal of sub-micronic particulate that can’t be removed by matrix filtration alone.

PURICEL AC can increase Filter Cycle time 5 fold over Diatomaceous Earth (e.g Celite) and Fuller´s Earth (e.g. Tonsil) or Perlite (e.g. Randalite) and Fuller´s Earth. 


  • Increased Mill Throughput 3-25%
  • Reduced disposal costs: Up to 95% reduction in filter cake and Paper disposal.
  • Cleaner coolant: 0.001% or better total ash, no additives stripping.
  • Reduced pinhole count in foil.
  • Eliminates rolling oil soaps.
  • Increased mill speeds and reductions. Surface banding (Tiger Striping) is eliminated.
  • Consumable costs reduced both in filter aid and filter paper.
  • Reduced material handling and labor costs.
  • Extended (4-8 days in most cases) filter runs allow filter indexing to be scheduled with roll changes, etc.
  • Operator health hazard is eliminated.
  • Automatic feeding and accurate control of on-line coolant quality provides consistent operating conditions.
  • Coil washing may be eliminated or reduced.
  • Reduced sheet marking.
  • Guard filter usage is dramatically reduced.
  • FDA Certified – all components are FDA Certified.
  • Environmentally Friendly