PuriCel in Oil and Gas Drilling

PURICEL has a high level of purity making it ideal for use as a completion additive used during the brine filtration process. The compatibility enables use in normal oilfield diatomaceous earth filtration processes as well as those regions where compliance where local area regulations and environmental limits are necessary. Oil and grease levels of the completion brine fluids are reduced to the point where they can be discharged in most geographic regions.

PURICEL cellulose is the ideal filtration media. It is biodegradable, 100% natural, sustainable and has proven to save up to 30% over traditional filtration products. It is completely safe to handle with superior performance characteristics. 

PURICEL wets out quickly and completely, producing a slurry which effectively coats filter grids and elements. The result is the most effective and efficient filtration characteristics with uniform cake formation and easy removal. Other PURICEL cellulose characteristics include:

  • Longer Filter Cycles - up to 5 times longer
  • Stable Process Materials - chemically inert in most solvents and acids
  • Functionality - available in several fiber lengths with low density
  • Environmentally Friendly - does not contain hazardous components such as arsenic or cristobalite, dramatically reducing disposal costs.

PURICEL is an application-specific product which is engineered to deliver peak performance in your circumstances. CONTACT US for details on how PURICEL cellulose can benefit you!

Celllulose in oil and gas drilling