Beer & Wine Filtration

PURICEL purified filter aids are widely used throughout the brewing and wine making industry on pressure leaf and candle filters as a pre-coat filter material, because of their ability to form a fibrous matrix on the filter screens that provides a proper site for filter cake formation. This fibrous matrix also serves to protect the filter screens, virtually eliminates bleed-through, adds cake stability and allows for a quick and clean cake release at the end of the filter cycle.

♦ Establish immediate filtrate clarity. 

♦ Maintain filtrate clarity. 

♦ Prevent blinding of filter septum. 

♦ Increase filter flow rates. 

♦ Improve filtration cycle times. 

♦ Enhance cake release and discharge. 

♦ Prolong septum life. 

♦ Improve filter cake stability. 

♦ Prevent diatomaceous earth (DE) breakthrough when used in combination with DE. 

♦ Use as an absorbent for oils and waxy contaminants. 

PURICEL is available in bag and bulk pack totes. Contact your us for the optimal dosage rate and grade selection for your filtration application.